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I was in DEBT OVER 174 000k (increasing monthly) at the time this tragedy happened, and I had NO CLUE of how I would be able to get myself out of it…

I borrowed another $10k (Note debt balance: Over 184k) and invested it into my first Online Course (by far the best 10k investment I’ve EVER made). In a fearful-panic-financial state, I sold my car to survive.

I allocated 20% of the $ toward my living expenses (even if it meant eating rice and water for meals, DAILY), and invested the 80% in a variety of online courses, and used the leftover $ to pay off some of my debt bringing down my monthly bank instalment (back-payment).

17th of October I had a wake-up call. I realised that it doesn’t matter how much I cry, scream, whatever the tantrum was… that my situation WON’T change if I didn’t change.
On that day, I made a decision to have faith, take continuous ACTION, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD (even if it meant to fall again… at least I knew I was falling forward).

I changed my mindset, detoxed my thinking patterns, changed my routine, and shifted my focus on the things I value in life (HARDEST transformation I’ve EVER been through, THANK GOD!).

I finished the courses by the end of September 2019 and started a company at the end of November 2019 called “PRIXGIG”, a Digital Marketing Agency/Consultancy running ads & campaigns, generating high-quality leads, and helping clients convert sales which enabled them to grow to 6 figures, within 3 months. Because of this, I could pay off my debt by the end of Feb 2020.

I have managed 163559k in ad spent these last few months, helping growing businesses, in different niché’s (industries) grow and accelerate from 4 to 6 figures, continuously, and WOW!… The time to market is, NOW!

With more traffic to reach, advertising costs lower, and ROI (return on investment) higher! There has not been a better time to market, in DECADES!

Are you currently struggling to get the reach and exposure your product or business deserves?…

You, my friend, are in the right place!
I would love to help YOU grow a business, and generate High %ROI if you are willing to put some skin in the game!

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