Fourteen common misconceptions about digital marketing and advertising

Jessica E Taylor | April 26, 2017
Businesses all around the globe choose digital marketing and advertising as a major part of their promotion. The reason is quite simple because it works. The growth in the digital market and its specification has attracted brands to follow it.
We cannot just have quality-driven sources every time; as digital marketing has several misrepresentations. They are termed as myths, but these misconceptions are harming the understanding of digital marketing.

Listed below are the 14 common misconceptions about Digital marketing and advertising

1. Digital marketing means social media

Social media is a digital platform, not a digital marketing process. People usually relate digital marketing and advertising to social media. This deviates their idea about what digital marketing is all about.
Digital marketing- A broad concept
Digital marketing is a broad concept. It has various elements including social media. But social media is just an important part of digital marketing. Digital Marketing involves everything that uses computers, smartphones, tablets, billboards, radio or television, etc. e-mails and mobile websites is its expanded form.

2. Not applicable for small businesses

We see big brands thriving through advertising in Digital platforms with good results. But a misconception by the small businesses that they are not applicable for digital marketing leaves them helpless.
Anybody can prefer digital marketing
Digital marketing helps you to communicate with the customers. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, you can still post yourself on social media and can express your product or service. Digital marketing helps them by providing tools to market their business.

3. Digital Marketing is expensive

This happens to various small business operations that they refuse marketing digitally. A belief that it’s an area that consumes much payment than the usual business is a misconception.
Financial support available
The price tag that displays cost efficiency is something that brings hesitation in small businesses. But in reality, the market is growing each day and every part of it is developing and expanding. Many platforms are built with ranging costs that are affordable and cheaper. Companies like Facebook, Google are nowadays delivering financial support helping out many startups to showcase them.
Various digital marketing agencies are readily providing unique strategies in digital marketing.
Visit for any kind of digital marketing and advertising.

4. Execution in digital marketing is difficult

Many businesses leave digital marketing considering it as a difficult area. They believe that they lack manpower and money to indulge in this form of marketing.
Simple to Execute
It’s a major misconception when people find it difficult to execute their businesses through digital marketing. But, It’s an easier way. All you need to do is to fix your objective and run an online campaign. You can increase your conversion rates through various platforms. Taking help from a digital marketing agency will be helpful.

5. It is time-consuming

Certainly, every medium takes its time. But considering digital media to the foremost is unfair. Digital marketing is a wider market with different platforms and it does not take the time as much as one expects.
Least time consuming
With comparison to other mediums, digital marketing is the least time-consuming. On the other hand, social media keeps you informed and alert about consumer updates along with various tools.

6. Not significant in a business strategy

Simply involving digital marketing into the business without using it cannot encourage your business. Few companies do not develop this form of marketing overlooking the trends it has created.
Plays a major role in developing your business
Considering the importance of digital marketing through data analysis can break the misconception. Due to digital marketing about
emails with special sharing button increases click-through rates by 158%
Regarding social media, the budget will be double within the next 5 years.
68% of event marketer believe Digital marketing is the most effective medium
Nearly 50% of content marketing companies follow strategies through digital media.
This analysis effectively displays the importance of digital in business. Overlooking it can less intensify the business.

7. Applicable only for specific industries

If you agree with this misconception, well then you lose your opportunity. Your business might be traditional or boring; but, that doesn’t mean digital marketing is not your cup of tea.
Even for Traditional businesses
A Digital platform is a huge cloud that covers maximum regions. It also provides separate platforms for specific businesses. No matter you are not delving into modern technologies and ideas, there are no rules in digital marketing.
The effectiveness of this form can forge any type of product or service to gather attention if used appropriately.

8. It doesn’t bring good results

Any content cannot generate results, specifically good results. Many businesses just aim at creating maximum content and spreading it all over the medium. Well, that doesn’t work.
Good digital marketing is necessary
To develop a transfiguring digital marketing process you need to have an efficient strategy. Following steps like Probe, strategize, build, optimize, publish, promote, track and refine.
These are the basic steps that a business can follow to get digital marketing on track.

10. No existence of SEO

Every website looks for a terrific conversion rate, but a misconception about the non-existence of search engine optimization leaves them behind. But on the other side, customers can only find your brand on the top through SEO.
SEO is still active
Digital marketing plays a major role in getting the ranking higher. That’s where SEO emerges and has importance. They can help you gain a position in prominent search engines and can generate effective leads (look for the diagram above).
Believing that SEO is dead can bring your business to pour down.
According to researches and analysis,
In B2B- SEO plays about 57.4% of its role while,
In B2C it has a 41% impact.

11. Impossible to compete

New businesses avoid this market wondering about the competition. It is difficult to beat everyone but not impossible to compete. Being a new business, it’s all about how you stand out from the crowd.
Be Unique & stand out from the crowd
The competition in the digital platform is developing the standard of competition. If you want to exist, you need to fight them. It’s not easy neither very difficult.
You are there for a business and it needs attention. The process of having innovative functions is something that can let you stand out from the crowd. Believing that it’s difficult to compete in this market may keep you away from profit.

12. Accurate of technical people

This is one of the most annoying misconceptions predominately. Having a business through digital marketing is all about marketing, not at all technical.
Make your marketing better
The misconception or believing that handling digital marketing requires tremendous technical skill is a myth. You place your business on various digital platforms to let your product grow.
Using your skills to bring the brand under people’s consideration and making it exciting delivers the result.
Technicalities are just a part of it.

13. Any content is successful

Without any priority to your vision, creating a brand lacks sensibility. To tell customers what your intention is and to grab their attention, it’s very imperative to have content.
Content is king
To be successful with your strategy in digital marketing is not about simply distributing your content. That can cause damage to your marketing.
A good digital marketing strategy involves high-quality content development. Good content is relevant to gain targeted audiences. If once a visitor likes your content, then it’s certain that they are going to visit you again and again.
Don’t’ ruin your business by overlooking content management.

14. Campaigning is bust in Digital Marketing

There are many important things in creating a good campaign formula. The above mentioned cannot be true every time. Your business campaign is a flop not only when there is less traffic but also due to various aspects.
Effective campaigning is possible
Other than traffic, elements like analytics can help you determine the success rates. They provide visibility in many metrics.
Analytics help you gain insight into the marketing channels and their productivity. A campaign may include only very few visitors but if it generates an appreciable conversion rate, it’s a successful campaign.


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